The Company and the Coffee:

Stella Java strives to provide the highest quality coffee, espresso drinks and baked goods, only using the best ingredients possible. Not only do we serve a great cup of coffee,  you can have a great conversation with one of our wonderful baristas you can relax in the large plaza in
the beautiful Mercado San Agustin.

Locally Roasted:

We feature Exo Roast Co. freshest roasts and will never serve you beans more than two weeks old. That’s fresh! Exo is a Tucson micro-roaster started by three partners with a common goal: to obtain the world’s finest coffees, craft roast them to optimize their distinctive characteristics, and distribute them in limited quantities to ensure unequaled quality and freshness. Stella Java commitment to superior coffee requires continuous dedication. We work with Exo because our friends there are constantly engaged in the highly competitive process of sourcing the most exemplary coffees from each of the significant growing regions of the world. These limited-production coffees are coveted by the country’s finest micro-roasters, and therefore are always in short supply. Each month Exo selects dozens of promising green coffee samples for express shipment to their Tucson roastery.  Only a few of the samples Exo master roaster evaluates make it onto our offerings list at Stella Java.


For Stella Java, the roasting process is a personal one. Each coffee is unique, and we develop a specific roast profile to bring out the finest aspects of its character- the jasmine florality of a good Guatemalan, the forest earthiness of a Sumatran, the citrus or berry fruit notes of an Ethiopian. To reach this flavor potential, every Exo roast is manually craft-roasted in small batches on a beautiful gas-fired German Probat roaster by one of the company owners. No button pushing, no computer programs.


Coffee stales. A coffee that is several weeks old will pale in flavor next to that same coffee when it was fresh. Character, intensity, and depth weaken over time, and no amount of vacuum sealing, refrigeration, or advertising promises will change that. Freshness is simply fundamental to the optimal coffee experience, and Stella is committed to delivering beans roasted within the few days.

Social Responsibility:

Stella Java is committed to socially responsible and environmentally sustainable coffee. All of our coffees come from small, shade-grown farms. We have a strong preference for fair trade and organic coffees, and they will always predominate on our offerings list. At the same time, like the other top micro roasters in the country, we recognize that not every premium coffee can be certified organic. This is often a simple matter of smaller farmers’ inability to afford certification. To reject a coffee on that basis may mean rejecting one of the most highly prized coffees on the market as well as ignoring the care smaller farmers put into their crops. We make it a point to know as much about our coffee’s specific origins as possible and strive to select coffees that are both superior in taste and conscientiously produced and procured.

We’re proud to serve beans from EXO Roast Company, the best roasters in tucson!





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